At the end of 2023, after more than 15 years and tens of thousands of Wills and other estate planning documents prepared for first responders and Veterans in dozens of states, the Wills for Heroes Foundation is winding down its operations and ending its tour of duty. That does not mean that Wills for Heroes is going away. However, the Foundation established to support those programs, which has always been run by volunteers, has run its course. Watching Wills for Heroes grow has been an absolute joy. Nothing makes us happier than to provide free Wills and other estate planning documents to those who risk their lives on a daily basis to make us and our communities a safer place. To our army of volunteers over the years and to those who supported us - whether financially, or with in-kind donations - thank you. Maintaining the integrity and quality of Wills for Heroes programs could not have been accomplished without you.

If you are searching for a Wills for Heroes program in your community, our program locator page will remain up until the end of 2023. We also encourage you to reach out to your local or state bar association for further information.

Our best,
The Wills for Heroes Foundation

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